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Promusic Prod. was founded in 1998, in Cluj-Napoca in the heart of Transylvania. 

From the very beginning, Promusic Prod. has made it its prime objective to promote 

debut bands that have a point to make in Romania rock music.


The bands and the albums available in our catalogue are quite diverse, covering anything 

       and everything from heavy metal to black metal and the most extreme styles of playing metal music.

                        Apart from the production and distribution of these albums, Promusic Prod. is                    

     seriously involved in organizing rock concerts and supporting rock festivals. We have 

offered substantial awards at rock music contests, where bands would be rewarded with 

tens of studio hours production, album production, album editing and promotion and distribution.


Promusic Prod. boasts a distribution network of 26 stores in 12 important Romanian 

cities. Our network is still developing and is being encouraged by over 34 local and 

regional radio shows dedicated to rock music.


Recently, special department has been developed for the promotion of local bands on an 

international level. Through our contacts and promotional exchange programs, 

all of the artist in the, Promusic Prod. master are promoted to 18 international labels and 

12 fanzines and music magazines abroad.


The following is a list of bands that have benefited from Promusic Prod. Awards:

                                                     ANARHIA -  Posada Festivalul  / C-lunl Muscel 1998  

                                                     DIRTY SHIRT - Top T Festivalul  / Buzau 1998                

                                                     DEFECT  Top T Festivalul  / Buzau 1999                            

                                                     FUNERAL CEREMONY  RockFest / Iasi 1999           

                                                     INDIAN FALL - Top T Festival / Buzau 2000